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5 Stand-Ups to Binge on Netflix


Are you tired of the same dead-beat comedies? Are you sick of the stereotypical rom-coms? Do you want a break from the national housing crisis? Do you want to switch off from the reality of zero hour contracts? Want to forget about the corrupt government? Want to remember what it feels like to laugh? Then you’ve come to the right place!

The Top 5 Stand-Up Comedies on Netflix!
5. Tommy Tiernan: Crooked Man

This feature was filmed in Cork. In this stand-up, Tiernan is everything we know and love him for. He’s hilarious, inappropriate, proud to be Irish and just batshit crazy. If you want to laugh at religion, Ireland and the lunacy of the country, this is definitely for you.

4. Bo Burnham: Make Happy

I’d honestly put this stand up at number 2. But Burnham isn’t your conventional stand-up comedian. He started out on Youtube, and generally hides from the public. He emerges every 3 years or so with new material and this is his newest piece of work. It’s smart, visually captivating, insightful and leaves you with feelings of slight dismay.

3. Jack Whitehall: Gets Around

Before seeings this show, I really wasn’t that keen on Jack Whitehall. I really couldn’t stand him, to be blunt. Whitehall jokes about growing up as a privileged child. He pokes fun about his sexuality and does a fantastic rendition of The Lion King. In a lion costume. You can’t hate on it. It’s easy watching and it’s fantastic.

2. Iliza Shlesinger: Everything she has on Netflix tbh

This woman is the kind of person everyone wants as their best friend. Shlesinger is hilarious, kooky and relatable. She’s kind of like that aunt everyone has who shows up at Christmas, absolutely locked and ruins the entire day. There are 3 specials on Netflix; Confirmed Kills, War Paint and Freezing Hot. I would recommend you watch all 3, because they are flawless. I cried laughing at every single one.

1. Ali Wong: Baby Cobra

I cannot recommend this stand-up enough. Wong is amazing. The fact that she is seven and a half months pregnant does not stop her from twerking on stage or stop her stories about her case of HPV. She speaks about her husband, her career, her pregnancy, dictatorships, racism, she laments her youth and normalises STIs. If you do one thing this week, it should be to watch this special.


Happy watching!


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