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Being a Girl Takes Balls


Most people, especially us irritated millennials enjoy a good social gathering. Be it in a night club, at a festival or a party. It is in these places we can relax and unwind by having an alcoholic beverage. Or a glass of coke if you’re well behaved. However, for the half of us millennials that are women, a night out can be a very daunting experience. Especially if you are prone to having anxious episodes.


My first experience being groped

I have terrible anxiety when it comes to a night out. I’m left feeling vulnerable when I am felt up by strange men who can often be twice my age. I certainly do not consent to this. What baffles me is that these men often assume we women are single and are fair game. Either this or they do not care about our relationship status just like they don’t care about our feelings of repulse towards them. One of the first experiences I have had with being a source of entertainment for a drunk man was two years ago. I was at a festival where I was walking around from one stage to another. A guy decided to feel me up, I turned to him and gave him a filthy look, astonished that he thought the situation was funny I contemplated if I had been rude to this man.

I’m not your play thing!

Leaving a club one night only to have my boob grabbed, I had to smack the guy off me. I was furious that this kind of thing happened so often. On this same night, a man in another venue put his arms around my waist. Before I could react my friend had to push him off me. When he apologised, it made me question if I was being irrational and rude, again. This made me feel sour and anxious for the rest of my night.

I’ve been groped by strange men that I was too unsettled to turn and face. One of these grabbing’s took place in a bloody Supermac’s which forced me to cling to my male friend to make it stop. Feeling dependant on my male friends to shield me from those lurking really infuriates me. It’s as though me not consenting to being touched isn’t enough. It’s a demeaning feeling and I don’t feel comfortable going out unless I bring along male friends.

I feel like I’m a ragged doll for anybody to touch and play with. On nights out the whole idea of trying to elude strange men puts me off going out sometimes because I am too uncomfortable when I am out and usually become anxious and have to leave anyway.

Groping is not a compliment

One of the most annoying things that people say is men touching whoever they want is a compliment to the person being groped. This is not a compliment if the person isn’t comfortable. Most times the person feeling somebody hasn’t even took the time to see what the person looks like. This certainly does not feel like the highest of compliments to me. Instead it is just some men feeling like they are entitled to have whatever they want.


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