rose of tralee

Is the Rose of Tralee Outdated?


With the Rose of Tralee well underway, we can’t help but ask, “is there really a place in 2017 for a beauty competition?” Yes, RTE claims that the Roses are not only judged on beauty, but personality as well. However, there is a clear trend within the competition of conventionally beautiful women winning. The Rose of Tralee does not show the versatility of Irish women. Where are the single mothers who are raising children by themselves? Where are the trans-women? Where are the women with disabilities? Where are the women of colour? Surely not every woman is a primary school teacher?

Please forgive me. I forgot the Rose of Tralee was not the place to air political opinions, according to a head judge on the panel. The 2016 winner, Maggie McEldowney, has recently shared this opinion, stating that “it would be almost selfish to think about your beliefs.” God forbid a grown woman has an opinion. This seems like a direct stab at the Sydney Rose from last year, who vocalised the need for a repeal referendum. This did not go down with judges or fellow contestants. With that in mind, we took to Twitter to see how people feel about the Rose of Tralee in 2017.

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