10 Relatable Period Tweets


That time of the month. Aunt flo is in town. The crimson wave. The tsunami of immense pain and suffering. There’s probably a hundred ways to say that you have your period. Apart from hot water bottles, netflix and copious amounts of chocolate, the only other thing that can really offer you some relief when you have your period is sister* solidarity. Here are 10 tweets that you can relate to if you’re currently on your period.

1. When you reminisce the good old days.. like last week.

2. When you have a sudden surge in emotions

3. When the attack on your uterus isn’t enough, so your face is also attacked

4. Might as well make the most of it and get creative

5. When you eat the weight of a small child in junk food

6. When you speak too soon

7. When everything hurts

8. When you just can’t even anymore

9. When you think there should be ‘period days’ as well as ‘sick days’ in work

10. Despite everything, at least it lets you know there is no bun in the oven


Lets look on the bright side, it only lasts 5 days out of the month. 12 months a year. For about 30 years. That’s approximately 2,000 days of your life that you will bleed from your vagina.. Best of luck.



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